Day 247- Exploring Flagstaff – guest blogger

Every morning we do our work. Homeschooling for the kids, Jenn is following up with clients, on calls or working on something business related and I make breakfast, help out the kids, clean up, make my own business calls and research our plans for the day. We typically never get out to start of adventures until about noon.

Today I am working on the headlights in the Rig. A few days ago I randomly lost a head light and after replacing the light bulb it still doesn’t work. It appears to be an electrical issue and it’s really cold outside to be working on a wiring problem. This morning it is 41 degrees and there is a light breeze which doesn’t feel that good on your bare hands. I’m putting this project on hold until we get into warmer climate

My upcoming destinations are Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, CA and San Diego. When its 60 or 70 degrees outside this project will be much easier. Plus, we rarely travel at night.

Today we are exploring Flagstaff.

We are starting the day checking out a house on the Pine Canyon Golf Course. We’ve been chatting with a real estate broker and this is a beautiful 4 bedroom house that we felt meet most of our criteria.

Our broker meet us at the house and we had a great chat. The house was a beautiful as expected however, the community doesn’t have a lot of kids and are mostly vacation homes for Phoenix residents. We won’t be buying here but, we did get a full list of neighborhoods that would be better options for us.

Everything in Flagstaff is broken up into communities of homes. Each community has it’s own flavor (golf, horses, pools, tennis and even hiking). The properties are also larger or smaller depending on the neighborhood. As we rolled through some of the suggested neighborhoods we saw basketball hoops in every other driveway, skateboard parks, soccer fields and playgrounds.

We found a few more homes we liked and called our broker to see them tomorrow. Since we will only be in Flagstaff for a very short time, we wanted to use each day to its fullest. So, if your thinking, “wow they are looking at homes already?”

You need to remember that we are still 6 months from our anticipated end to our trip and we would like to have a good idea of what the real estate in Flagstaff looks like and what each community has to offer.

Home shopping in Flagstaff from say “Seattle” is challenging and buying a house site unseen is not our style. I will share more on this topic tomorrow.

Jenn found a great hot yoga studio called ESenEM. I asked her what kind of place calls themselves S&M and she explained that it’s spelled differently to be edgy. I get it and it’s still fun to say that with likes S&M. LOL

The restaurants and shops around the yoga studio are right up our alley. We loved all the food choices and when there later that day for lunch and hit the juice bar afterwards. There is also a beautiful Whole Foods grocery store right there so, food shopping will be in our future this week to stock up our rig.

I found out today that my Cloud Service’s conference in Las Vegas was canceled due to the Coronavirus scare. That event was a key reason why we came to Flagstaff in such a rush. I’m glad we are here and it would have been nice to have some more time in places like El Paso and Tucson.

This Coronavirus is throwing a lot of peoples lives into a tizzy. One of my friends shared that his business lost 1 million dollars over the course of 5 days due to canceled events like mine.

Austin TX is reeling after canceling their Music Festival. The amount of time and money that goes into these events is overwhelming. And, the list of people and businesses that will loss revenue from that decision to cancel, is longer than you could image.

Jenn and I always feel blessed to have the life we have right now and we have a lot of compassion for others who are working hard to have the life they want.

We hope that, for everyone’s sake, this Coronavirus passes through the country quickly and stays under control.

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