Day 244- Montezuma’s Castle + Sedona- guest blogger!

View from the drivers seat!

Last night we camped out in Clarkdale which is a small town in between Prescott and Sedona. My sister Annie shared with me that that one of her former colleagues, Jim, opened a Cafe in a small town called Cottonwood. It was only about 3 miles from where we camped out. So, we grabbed lunch at that Cafe today and meet Jim. The food was incredible and we loved the town of Cottonwood. My picture with Jim is attached. He is a wonderful person and I understand why Annie wanted me to meet him.

Joe and Jim, Owner of The Red Rooster

We traveled from Cottonwood to see Montezuma’s Castle. It’s a 5 level adobe type home built into the limestone wall along a creek. The home hangs from the cliff wall about 80 feet off the ground and is a marvel of engineering for the time period. It is estimated to be 800-900 year old and they say that the Sinagua Indians lived here for 300 years before moving further North.

The girls meet up with one of the rangers and received books to complete which would earn them Junior Ranger badges. So, we helped them answer pages and pages of information and they both left with badges (and smiles on their faces).

Luke found a cool stuffed animal Diamond Back Rattle Snake in the Visitors center with a tail that rattles with a very realistic sound. Now the snake is touring the country with us.

We left Montezuma’s Castle and headed North to Sedona which was only a 30 minute drive. Wow, Sedona! The red rocks seem to reach out and pull you in. It was incredible.

We cruised into town, found a spot to park and checked out a few shops to start out. Then we grabbed some dinner at a local organic restaurant and everything was good in the world. One of my best friends and childhood co-conspirator, John Safaik, told me he had a friend in Sedona that drives the jeep tours.

Kids enjoying the filter feature on Jenn’s phone

So, we connected up with Kelly and had a long talk about all the cool things to do in Sedona. It got very cold as the sun went down in Sedona so don’t mind her Mexican blanket (in the photo attached) It was a good thing to have and we were all wishing we looked as cool as her. (Well not exactly).

We were pretty well tapped out at that point so we headed back home through the mountains to Clarksboro for a good nights sleep.

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