Day 241- Phoenix + Scottsdale, AZ

Today was a GREAT day! Joe and I caught a cold from Sydney but we managed to have fun anyway!!

Joe took us to a “hole in the rock” in Phoenix. It’s a natural geological formation in Papago Park. It was absolutely incredible to see! Joe insisted only a pic despite my less than chipper attitude :-D. Colds are not fun.

The kids were really good sports and loved climbing the rocks with dad. I decided to stay put on a lower rock!

We then headed to downtown Scottsdale for a healthy lunch at some fun place I found I line- The Original Chop Shop!

While eating lunch Luke made a funny face and I asked what just happened!! He said he felt something fall out of his mouth so he looked on the ground and it was his TOOTH! How fun is that. The tooth fairy is coming tonight!!

We loved downtown Scottsdale. What’s not to love!!! The food, the shops, the town, the people – it was good times. There was a local Lululemon- of course!!- so I asked to hit it up real quick to freshen up my wardrobe. My clothes are taking a hit from the washing machine in the rig!

And there’s nothing like a new top and pants and long sleeve shirt from my favorite place to shop!! Yeah. I swear my cold got better after that. Sydney came with me because she is literally a fashionista. She picks out the best clothes.

Joe then managed to score a haircut appt at a local salon! So fortunate given he’s got a work event next week in Vegas and his long hair needed a trim 😀 $75 later which included tip and we were ready to head home! Honestly it was worth every penny. We all got served tea while waiting on couches that are located in a little spot outside the store. Luke said that was the best hair appt he’s ever waited for! Funny kid.

We were all so tired after that that requested we order dinner to go. Yeah I was that tired!! We did that and headed home while watching the most glorious sunset!

We literally got home, ate dinner and then for whatever reason everyone had some energy so the kids played while I cleaned out the rig! It needs a good shake down sometimes so I went through books and draws and make a donation pile and a “store under the rig pile!” I was feeling pretty accomplished by 10pm!!

Tomorrow the rig is being fixed – whooohooo- it’s been 14 days NO hot water so I’m looking forward to a hot shower. And our heater is being fixed just in time for visiting Flagstaff where the weather will be considerably colder up in the mountains 7,200 from where we are!!

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