Day 240-Downtown Tucson + Saguaro National Park

Lunch downtown Tucson
People are so healthy here and we loved this electric bike set up.

Downtown Tucson was great! It had the best shops and variety of food. The kids loves the million ice cream shops that lines the streets- Sometimes 2 on a block!

We found a food coop and decided to do our food shopping there and skip the local Whole Foods. It’s always nice to support local shops.

After our bite to eat and food shop we headed out to Saguaro National Park. We were sorry we didn’t leave hours to visit the park. Caitlin is enjoying getting junior ranger badgers everywhere she visits but we didn’t have enough time for her to complete the whole book. A ranger told us we can finish the book and mail it in for the badge and Caitlin did just that. We finished it on the car ride to Phoenix and got it all ready to go!

Pictures are worth a thousand words so you’re going to find that there will be more pics than words in the coming weeks. I can just feel it!

We are blown away as a family at the beauty of this country. And we are grateful every day for what we’ve created- the freedom to travel and work from the RV and frankly do anything we want with our lives. As Joe always says – we’re living the dream!!

Reason #5001 why we left NY

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