Day 237- Guadalupe Mountains, El Paso to White Sands

Whoohoo! We are about to embark on visiting our 3rd National Park in 4 days. Soooo cool.

First was Carlsbad Caverns in NM then Guadalupe Mountains in TX and on Thursday we’re going to sled down the White Sands National Park back in NM

So fun!!

Our view from Carlesbad, NM to Guadalupe Mountains in TX
Guadalupe Mountains
We watched a 16 minute film on the Guadalupe Mountains. It gave us an appreciation of how early settlers travelled and lived
We asked a local about the best Mexican food in town. Then we drove there!! Joe loves Mexican.

Mexico is within a stone’s throw from El Paso. We took a 7 minute scenic drive and saw this as the sun was setting!!! That’s Mexico.

With a 1.5 hr drive ahead of us to get to White Sands, NM it’s now nighttime! We’re breaking our rule of not driving at night but that scenic overlook was a MUST so it was well worth it.

Night driving is not fun

I’m going to sign off for the night knowing that when we arrive to our KOA tonight we’re all going to bed!!

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