Day 236- 40 degree chill day!

We thought we’d hit the Guadalupe Mountains today but everyone woke up tired including mama!!

Joe and I are really working on reeling in our work but man we’ve got a lot that needs to get done.

We had a family meeting, again, about iPad time, down time, school time, how to get along and so much more. It’s just not a simple task to parent consciously and Joe and I don’t believe in a dictatorship.

The kids need to feel that they’re including in the decisions and to understand WHY we do what we do as a family.

That is a part of the trip that can feel draining at times but in the end it increases our communication as a family and keeps us tight.

Try learning that in public school!! You just don’t learn that stuff.

The day was a chill one which is good because the family tends to not want to push it too much on any given day.

Tomorrow is a move day to White Sands, NM after we check our El Paso and Guadalupe National Park’n

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