Day 235- Exploring Carlesbad Caverns

Today was extraordinary. The Carlesbad Caverns were beyond anything we can write about.

We took video and tons of pics so I’ll share those.

As a family we hiked down to the Caverns using the natural entrance! You had the option to take an elevator 750 ft down but the Eddens don’t take elevators!!

We hiked a total of 2.5 miles the whole day and walked for over 45 minutes to get into the main Cavern and then once in there we walked for another hour and 1.5 miles.

Mother Nature is a miracle in itself. That’s all I’m going to say.

On our way back from the Caverns you take an elevator 750 feet back up!

They had a snack shop down in the Caverns for hungry hikers!!

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