Day 234- Junction, TX to Carlesbad, NM

Our trip to Carlesbad was incredible.

The views were off the charts. The whole family was in awe. Other than Joe no one has ever seen mountains and vast desert and nothingness.

Rather than write a lot about this day I’m going to share pics and video.

What I’m finding is that the days full with work and being with the kids and Joe that writing has become tricky. I totally understand why Luke gave it up.

I am committed to keeping this up but I swear I’m at the same point Luke was when he decided to take a break. I will persevere because I’m committed to sharing this year long adventure and having written memories for years to come!!

It was a 4.5 hour trip from Junction to Carlesbad so the girls and I did vision boards to pass the time. That was a good time.

The day was long and by the time we arrived in Carlesbad we were tired as usual. Travel days always take a lot of energy.

We got into Carlesbad, NM around 3pm and just kinda hung around till dinner and bed.

We enjoys the nothingness of the town with no post office, no stores to shop and nothing really to do except go to the Carlesbad Caverns which we’re visiting tomorrow!!

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