Day 233- The Alamo + Move Day

When we arrived in San Antonio we were starving so we hit up a local, grass fed organic joint called the Cove.

You can do laundry, wash your car and eat the best local food!!! We did 2 of the 3 😀

Best nachos and cheese and beans
My lunch!
Best $2 ever spent!

If you were to ask me what has “MOVED ME” the most to date it would be The Alamo in San Antonio and the WWII Memorial Museum in New Orleans.

Outside one of the oldest structures in the country.

After talking as a family prior to going to both places we got to understand and discuss what men and women sacrificed for the FREEDOMS we have today as US citizens.

Made me appreciate that freedom is earned not given… kinda how we got ourselves on the road.

Short film they made available
Only in Texas!!

The kids really enjoyed taking in the short film they made available for all guests visiting. We then visited one the oldest structures in the country right on the grounds of the Alamo. It was extraordinary.

Many lives had been lost in that fully fortified building when the Mexican army invaded and took over the Alamo in 1836. You could feel a heaviness in the area when you entered. You knew something had happened there without even knowing what. And the building was so old that you weren’t allowed to touch anything. The limestone was crumbling.

I have to give the kids credit they did a great job walking around learning and understanding the history of the United States.

We were going to check out the Riverwalk but the kids were looking pretty done and we had a 2 hr drive to Junction, TX so we could split up the trip to Carlesbad, NM the following day so we decided to head back to the place in town we found to park our rig for the past 4hrs while we unhooked the jeep and drove that around town!! That was convenient and most helpful.

The night ended with us pulling into a campground for the night right in Junction. There wasn’t much there but that wasn’t an issue. We used the place as a quick stop over to break up the trip! When we do things like this we barely move things around in the rig other than open the slides. We even keep the Jeep hooked to the rig while we sleep so that we can just pull slides in, lock the dishwasher and the frig and put everything on the floor back onto our bed so that we can pull in slides and get going!!

Joe and I were up for a movie so we watched Tommy Boy while Sydney watched her fave movie, Second Chance, on kindle and Luke played with his cousin Jake on the PS4!

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