Day 232- Day 2 Austin!

Before we talk about our fabulous time in Austin today I figured I’d share some real life challenges we’re having!

4 days ago the hot water went. Hello 4 days of freezing cold showers. We can’t seem to get the guys on the phone who know how to fix it?! Maybe today is the day!!

This morning we’re in 45 degree weather in Austin and we wake up to no heat in the rig.

We had a brown out apparently and nothing works. So what did Joe and I do?

Well I decided to go work out in the fitness center because this campground has one and maybe that will warm me up cause clearly a hot shower ain’t happening!!

And Joe did what any real life MacGuyver would do…he put on his dock worker hat which he just happened to buy in New Orleans and went outside to try and fix it!

Aaaand in typical Joe style he fixed the heat. So by 5pm we headed out to Barton Springs Pool.

It’s a natural spring fed pool that spans 3 acres. It was beautiful. And the water is soooo warm. It’s a constant 68-72 degrees all year long!

We then got up Whole Foods quick. The guys in the Juice Bar recommended a Pan Asian place for dinner called 888! We took them up on the suggestion.

It was soooo good. And the restaurant hired a musician to play some tunes while we’re eating. It was divine.

All in all it was a great day even though we didn’t explore Austin as we had hoped. Between no hot water- which we were told can’t be fixed till someone meets us in Phoenix, AZ next wee- and no heat today we spent a lot of time at the campground today.

Tomorrow we leave for San Antonio so we’re all excited about that!!

3 thoughts on “Day 232- Day 2 Austin!

    1. Yesss Uncle Steph!! Joe called the company. It’s a motor or something like that that’s broken and they need to come fix it! Thank God they’re a repair place in Phoenix which is where we are next Friday!! Miss you. Xx


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