Day 231 – Exploring Austin!

We ate the BEST Tex-Mex today!!!

We were so hungry we went right to a little hole in the wall Mexican place and ate. It was sooo good.

We then went to visit the Capital Building today. If you didn’t know it, Austin is the capitol of Texas. It was so fun to be here today exploring and enjoying the differences from Louisiana.

Capitol Building

We love Austin for the food!! You can get something healthy on any corner pretty much. And if you like to exercise then you’re in luck! There are places everywhere and sometimes 2 on the same block. Love!!

If that wasn’t enough there was a local Whole Foods Market the size of Macy’s on 34th street. That was helpful given we hadn’t food shopped in over 5 days when we were in New Orleans.

Aaaand for my lululemon lovers I found one local and bought a few items to freshen up my wardrobe. Ahhhhh.

By 7pm we headed home to have dinner and we’re going to bed any minute now. Well at least I am. We were all pretty tired from yesterday’s travels.

Joe sat the kids down and had a 30 minute conversation about electronics and how much time they are allotted to spend on them and what we’d like to see their mornings look like versus what they currently are which is hanging around the rig, hanging in their beds, doing school work till whenever and no real fresh air till after noon unless we’re in a campground with friends knocking at 9am!!

That was a super helpful and refreshing conversation that needed to happen.

Everyone seemed to be happy with how it turned out so that was a good thing!

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