Day 230- Austin TX we’re coming!

If I could sum up Wednesday in one word it would be LONG.

10hrs long.

We had a blast don’t get me wrong. I love driving across the country and experiencing the difference driving from Louisiana to Texas. Actually Joe drove. I worked and managed the kids.

We took a total of 4 stops leaving at around 8:30am from New Orleans and arrived 6pmish in Austin.

Joe got a kick out of the price of gas and asked me to snap off a pic 🙂

$1.79 for gas!!

We saw buffalo and horses and cows coming from New Orleans and a lot of roadside crawfish places to eat. 😀

Long days like this are tricky on the body but for sure are exiting to see so much open land. You don’t get that living in NY your whole life.

We’re hoping the rains stops tomorrow so we can enjoy the city of Austin. We heard is beautiful and a friend of mine lives there and has been giving us places we MUST see!

2 thoughts on “Day 230- Austin TX we’re coming!

  1. $1.99 for gas! Crazy! Looking forward to hearing about Austin. Many people are wanting to move to that area from the North…more space…less taxes! Have fun!


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