Day 229- Tuesday – WWII Museum + French Quarter

Today was a great day. I worked in the morning and then we all took off for the WWII Museum. It was an extremely moving experience for all of us.

We all got a huge appreciation of what our country did to win the war and how much sacrifice it entailed. Best history lesson we’ve had in a long time.

We also learned about how to make an atom bomb. It’s fascinating how many people and minds were involved in its creation including Albert Einstein.

Before we left we took in an Experience on a submarine and what it was like in October 1944 to be one of the crewmen during the war. Another moving experience.

With daylight still on our side we ubered back to the French Quarter and hit up Cafe Dumonde one last time! Why not. There wasn’t any wait!!!

Luke insisted on playing one more game of chess with Jude and we were all ok with that! We’re having so much fun just being tourists and taking in the music.

Tomorrow is a move day so we can’t make it a late night but we’re all good with that. Greg and his boys are going to FL to swim with the manatees.

After finding a fun little nook for dinner we decided to head home knowing tomorrow is a long day. We all hugged goodbye. It was great to spend a few days in great company!

We’ll miss you Galustian/Lockhart family.

One thought on “Day 229- Tuesday – WWII Museum + French Quarter

  1. Hey there Edden’s!

    I Finally got to catch up on your journey…it was so awesome spending time in NOLA with y’all 😀.

    The boys and I really enjoyed our time with your family just chilling, playing chess and appreciating such an amazing city.

    So happy to hear the Rig is fixed! I knew Joe would figure it out…doesn’t he always ?! 😀

    I hope you’re all staying healthy and trying to be safe as much as possible with everything that’s going on. I am Sure it’s curtailed the journey for a bit. Hopefully not too much.

    FYI lmk the how we can connect the kids on Minecraft so they can play.
    Also chess too if Luke wants to play online.

    I am finally all moved in to my new home and hopefully one day when you’re all back in New York you can visit. And Yes of course it has a pool…duh lol

    Miss you guys and please stay safe on the road ❤️

    Greg, Mason and Owen
    New address:
    3 Jenkins Place
    Melville NY 11747


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