Day 228- Monday in New Orleans

Today was spectacular!!

We walked around the market with our friends. It was their first time in New Orleans.

We caught beads on Bourbon street and a mask. That was fun!! It was Greg and his boys first time on Bourbon street so that made it extra fun.

We then went back and visited Jude Acers again and played more chess. Luke said he’s learning so much and is getting reinspired to play again!

For dinner we hit up the Hard Rock Cafe and had dinner. Soooo fun and the food wasn’t half bad if you know what to order!

We heard about a chess tournament that night from Jude so we walked about a mile over to it at 7pm. It was too good to miss. Luke played a round with one of their top chess players and Greg and Mason got invited to play too.

On our way there we walked through the quiet neighborhoods of the Quarters. We didn’t know it even existed. We enjoyed all the architecture.

The night ended with us ubering home after a fantastic day hangin’ around New Orleans.

See you tomorrow French Quarters!!

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