Day 227- Mardi Gras Sunday!

Today was a blast! After the rain stopped and we spent the morning hanging out- actually I cooked for the week and Joe spent hours figuring out our travel plans form March and April!

We are going to have Luke’s cousin, Jake, come visit us for Spring Break in April so we had to make sure we knew which airport he is flying into so he can book his flight! The cousins are so excited to see eachother!!

We then got in an Uber and headed back to the French Quarter. There was a dog parade at 2pm and we wanted to make sure we saw it!

After the parade our friends from NY came to visit us in the French Quarter. His kids are off for the week so he drove 2 days to get here!

We also hit up Cafe Dumonde because the kids wanted to experience world famous beignets!! They are delish the kids said and better than the ones we had at cafe beignet. You can’t beat world famous!!

We then met up with our friends for dinner!

It’s really great seeing friends from back home after 7 months on the road.

We then walked around and found a famous chess player,Judwho sits on the street and plays you for $5. If you win you get it back. No one gets it back. Greg and Luke both played him and did a really great job according got Jude.

Good times!

We all took Ubers back to the campground and called it a night!

2 thoughts on “Day 227- Mardi Gras Sunday!

  1. Hey Jenn! This is Leo from Pinewoods, Lukes friend. It is awesome to hear that your in NOLA! I actually have a picture of me and my family in that exact same place, Cafe Dumonde, at the exact same table. I have a lot of family up in NOLA, and I am touched to continue to hear about your awesome adventures across the USA! BTW, Ould we have a Luke post about the chiefs winning the super bowl?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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