Day 225 Goodbye FL…hello New Orleans!

Today was a super fun day. We drove through a beautiful part of Florida- the Emerald Coast- to get to Alabama and then into Mississippi till we reached New Orleans.

It’s a 6 hr drive so we took a pit stop at Whole Foods in Destin, FL before we left! Best decision ever.

It’s Valentines Day so I got to pick up a few staples for the rig I can’t find anywhere and the kids asked for donuts which I’ll only buy if they’re halfway decent.

Since they didn’t get any candy for Valentine’s Day I figured it was ok!

Kids V Day gifts and something for Joe and I!!

In Alabama Joe was hungry so we stopped in a large parking lot and I made lunch!

Joe then had an idea for me to test drive the rig and see how I do. I thought that was a great idea!

Here I am!! I loved it.

I really enjoyed driving. It felt natural so you can expect me to do some driving now that we’re heading out west. Whoooohooo


When we finally got into New Orleans and were finished with the 40 minute traffic jam with a bridge out we got to our RV Resort!!

8 hrs later and the kids jumped out of the RV and hit the little playground there. The weather was a bit chilly so we had to bundle up.

Truth is we didn’t bring a lot to warm clothes so we’re going to have to go shopping!! Whoops.

Joe and I took one look at eachother and knew no one was cooking so we hit up the restaurant on site! It was delish and they had live music.

Welcome to New Orleans kids!!

The pool was literally freezing cold and the hot tub was the 4 person kind you see in someone home- really???- so we skipped that and put on a James Bond movie while the kids watched their own stuff on iPads. It was that kinda night and we were more than ok with it!!

Tomorrow a dear friend of ours with his 2 boys is coming from NY to hang for President’s Week!! How cool is that. He said he’s driving right on down. All I’m gonna day say is God Bless him that’s a long drive.

Till tomorrow… Mardi Gras parades here we come!

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