Day 224- Rain rain go away

Thursday was a somewhat routine day with the exception of the free gymnastics class I scored for the girls at the gymnastics center next door to our RV Resort.

How fun!!

As one would imagine the girls were so excited. They missed taking classes since we left New York last June. It’s one of the drawbacks of living on the road. Cate and Syd don’t get to take regular gymnastics classes.

Cate decided she was going to try her very first back flip. Imagine? She hasn’t done a lick of gymnastics in 7 months and then she goes for it.


She was so proud of herself!

After class we agreed to hit up the local stores to pick up some yarn for their Pom Pom maker! The girls love making Pom poms and honestly anything that gets them off devices so good by me!

We ran errands and bought a few Valentines Day gifts since I’m not a fan of poor quality chocolate!

We ended the night watching a James Bond movie and going to bed knowing tomorrow is a 6 hr drive and move day!!

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