Day 223- Beach day afternoon

Wednesday was beach day in the afternoon after Joe and I worked and kids did their school work.

We keep sorting through what works best for school and think we’ve got a good combo of workbooks, apps with fun math games and now we’ve agreed to write a letter once/ week that mom will correct to teach grammar!

Luke loves his finance class- no surprises there!! Sydney loves music!! And Caitlin loves her Ecology class!

It always amazes me how a child will show you what they love if you pay attention.

The resort had a workout facility so I was super psyched to hit some weights for 30min. I don’t get to do that very much anymore. It amazes me how eating right for my body and moving through yoga daily has it staying lean. Gotta admit I was a bit worried when we left NY!

While I was working out the kids got the pool with Joe! How fun.

I then pulled everyone away to have lunch and get ready for the beach. It was a sort of windy and cloud my day but tomorrow was calling for rain so we went for it.

We stayed 1hr and enjoyed Dog Beach. Yup. A beach just for dogs. Go figure

We ended the beach trip with ice cream and a walk at Pier place. Basically the place near the beach with upscale shops and fun stores to look in!

We ended the night with a movie- Dodgeball and tacos!!

It really was a spectacular day with little family arguments and tons of fun.

I pray we have more days like that as we head West for the remainder of the year!!

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