Day 222- Another move day to Panama City Beach

This was our drive on Tuesday for 125 miles or so! We drove from Crystal Isles to Panama City beach.

Joe is such a trooper! He drove for 6 hrs literally with a smile on his face. Not much gets him down on the road. It’s amazing and inspiring to watch.

We decided that leaving early from the campground on departure days is super smart and leaves us feeling somewhat energized. Not to mention we miss all rush hour traffic. For this trip we got to our destination by 2pmET!!

What we didn’t realize is that driving to Panama City Beach is central time so we gained an hour and at the same time our trip was 6hrs not 5. Whoooops!!

It’s all good.

The campground was a huge improvement from the last place so that was awesome.

We made a night of it by using the pool and hot tub- of course!! That’s our main go to on the road.

Thank goodness I cooked and food shopped the day before we left so we had a stocked frig!

We were planning on hitting the beach the next day and driving days are always exhausting so we didn’t too much of anything after pool and dinner!

Welcome to real life 😀

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