Day 221- Monday chill day!

Today was a work day for all of us.

Kids did a lot of schoolwork and Joe and I got work done. Joe unfortunately had left his phone on the trolley So he woke up and went over there to try and find it. Luckily he did! While out he returned some packages to Amazon, filled the car with gas and came back a happy man!

We all didn’t do much till about 3pm when we hit the pool and hot tub for about an hour so this is a really brief recount of our day!

The kids agreed to look over their school books and online teaching apps with me so we could assess how their homeschooling was going and what we needed to tweak so that was helpful!

The night ended with dinner and having some delish homemade pumpkin pie I made yesterday along with some whipped cream I bought for the homemade Sundaes we had the night before!

Yeah it was that kinda weekend!

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