Day 220- Crystal Lake Manatees!

Sunday was super fun! We went to see the Manatees in The Three Sisters Springs local wildlife preserve.

The Manatees all gather here when the water gets chilly because they must stay in 70-74 degree weather to stay well… at least that’s what I remember reading in the brochure about them.

Can you see them all? They look like large rocks until they come up for air which is about every 3 minutes or so. We also read that when they’re sleeping it’s about every 15-20 minutes. How cool! The body knows to come up for air even while they’re sleeping!

They also exchange oxygen at 90% versus humans at 10%! It’s no wonder they come up for air for literally 2 seconds every 3 minutes and that’s enough!

We all decided to go for a quick hike through the preserve. It was about 1.5 miles and we got to see birds and not much else. We were looking for coyotes and snapping turtles and a bunch of other interesting animals they said we might see but I’m thinking we scared them off with all our talking. Not to mention it was 2pm when we arrived so dusk might have been a better time to be there when the sun wasn’t as hot!

All in all it was a lovely day after we figured out where to eat for lunch since we left the rig hungry not realizing it! Whoops.

And we did get to see the Manatees which was amazing. We were considering swimming with them on Sunday but Joe felt like for the $300 it might be nice to skip it and just enjoy them from the land!

Here were the snorkelers!

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