Day 219- Move Day!

Saturday was move day from Disney’s aft Wilderness to Crystal Lake, FL. It was about a 3 hr drive so we decided to try and leave early.

It’s always tricky ok move day to leave on time! For whatever reason we tend to have more to do than we anticipate.

This move day was no different!

We left around 11am after picking up a package we had waiting for us in the office. That was a relief it arrived on time. There’s been many a time a package is running behind schedule and we have to leave. Not fun!

When we arrived in the Crystal Lake RV Resort we were disappointed by the place. It’s not the first time but this time we had shirtless smoking neighbors and the place just kinda felt run down.

You can’t win them all!

Good thing we’re only staying 3 nights and we leave Tuesday am!

Tomorrow we’re visiting the Three sisters wildlife preserve so that should be fun!

Stay tuned.

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