Day 217- Slowing it down Thursday!

Caitlin asked to get fans from Epcot with their names written in Japanese.

We started the day off slow. I worked. Joe worked and the kids did their school work on some new app Joe found. The Acelus work was getting boring and they weren’t enjoying learning so we decided to look around for more fun ways to learn. After all learning should be fun!!

We decided to split up early afternoon. Joe too Caitlin on a roller coaster ride- Aerosmith- in Hollywood Studios. We had a fast pass anyway and Luke and Sydney didn’t want to go so we hit the pool for a bit!!

We then decided to meet up on Epcot for a few rides – Soarin’ was on my hit list for the kids to experience!! Luke wasn’t into that kind of ride and asked to stay home. We made it ok. It was only a few hours and why force him to ride rides he doesn’t want to. Just doesn’t make sense!!

When we arrived in Epcot and met up with Joe and Caitlin we hit Soarin. There was only a 40 minute wait and it was well worth it! Sydney said it was her favorite ride ever other than Test Track!! That kid! You design a car that is aerodynamic and then you get to literally drive it on a track. Whooooha that ride went fast last time we went on it. Apparently Sydney has a need for speed!

After we ate dinner we decided to head back because Test Track was closed for refurbishment which bummed out Sydney.

Luke greeted us with open arms and said he wasn’t disappointed he didn’t go. He’s not into loud noises, rides with heights, or anything that goes too fast!

You know what – know thyself, know thy worth! That kid has it going on!

We were supposed to leave Friday morning for Crystal Isles, FL but extended our stay one more night so I could pick up a package coming Friday night and so we could hit up Magic Kingdom one last time before we hear west for the rest of 2020!!

Till tomorrow….

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