Day 216- Parents day out!

Today requires more pictures and less words. It was the BEST DAY!!

Us waiting outside Hollywood Studios to get in!
We got group 40!!!

What we didn’t know is that just because you show up early it doesn’t guarantee you a group number. Joe and I got excited, meditated- ok well I meditated, focused on getting a low number group and wham-o. We got group 40. Others around us got groups 80 and 105. Those high group numbers don’t guarantee you a ride that day! Oy.

While waiting for Rise Of The Resistance we waited 90min for Slinky Dog in Toy story land. We’ve NEVER waited that long for a ride since coming to Disney. Why not. We had time to burn

After we got called around 1:30pm to enter the special area for the rise it took another 90 min to ride the 18min ride! It temporarily broke down while on line 😦

After the ride we decided to head back to the rig and get the kids because we had fast passes at Animal Kingdom and we wanted them to experience the Safari and Pandora!!

We all had a blast in Animal Kingdom but let me tell you how tired Joe and I were when we finally got home at 10pm.

It was a long day well worth it. And while I didn’t take any pictures in Pandora world- maybe Joe did I’ll go ask- it was magnificent. And the ride in that world- Avatar- is my favorite ride in the whole park with the exception of Soarin’, a breathtaking balloon ride, in Epcot!

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