Day 215- Tuesday at Ft Wilderness

While some days are more exciting than others this day definitely wasn’t all that exciting.

Just ask the kids 😀

I think that’s good though. Welcome to real life.

Some days we do a lot and others we kinda chill. My biz has taken off tremendously to the point that I am now certifying coaches for the Sugar Freedom Method. Oh yeah!

This means I need to be more mindful of my time so I don’t work all day and forget about why we took this trip in the first place!

I’d say by 2pm we all hit the pool knowing we hired a sitter to come at 3pm so Joe and I could hit Disney for a few hours alone.

The pool always has fun games from
1-3pm every day. There’s Luke in the blue bathing suit about to come in 2nd place in “Mickey says”

Her name is Savannah and she was the best. The full time families circle is very tight and when you need something you post in our private FB group and voila someone always has an answer!

Here’s us on the ferry getting excited to hit Magic Kingdom to ride space mountain. It’s been over 11 yrs for both of us

Since we paid for the photo package with my Disney pass we always take a photo in front of the castle. Why not? The photographer told us to take a kissy photo and that we wouldn’t regret it. He was right!

We got back to the rig by 9pm knowing the next day Savannah was coming back so we could hit up Hollywood studios super early for Rise is the Resistance!! The cool new Star Wars ride they have in the park. You can ONLY get assigned a group number if you show up before the park opens at 8am… the kids has no interest in goofing hence the sitter was needed!!

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