Day 214- Rig getting fixed + welcome Orlando!!

Monday was an interesting day to say the least!

There’s nothing like waking up 5am so you can leave 6am so you can get to the mechanic by 12noon so you can get your “home back” by 5pm so you can pull into your new campsite before it gets too late in the evening.


Life on the road definitely takes a bit of creativity and planning for sure.

Joe and I hit the road by 6:15am. Kids were all sleeping when we left. We had the ingenious idea of pulling in the slides to their bunk beds the night before so that we didn’t need to wake them before we left!

Leaving the Florida that early in the morning is gorgeous. We got to watch the sun rise off the water. Incredible.

We arrived at the mechanic and handed them over “Faith”. If you haven’t been following us for a while that’s what we/I named her. “Leap of Faith”. She’s been so good to us never breaking down and not needing very many repairs of any kind. This stop at the mechanic was for a much needed oil change after 7000+ miles on the road since we left New York on June 30, 2019.

Joe and I chuckled about how much money we spent that day while we had idle time. Lunch, smoothies, haircut for Luke, Target for girls clothes and flip flops, Michaels for yarn for the girls to make Pom poms. Joe went to Lowe’s to pick up propane for our new fire pit!! All good stuff don’t get me wrong we just find when we’re not driving around and we’re at campsites we spend way less money because we’re too busy “doing stuff”!

It’s an awesome notice especially because since Day 1 we’ve been tracking every penny we spent. Every single one! We figured we never tracked it in NY and how cool to track it and see exactly how much we spend.

We spend over $10,000/month on the road so we can’t even imagine how much we spent while living in NY!!!! Double? Who knows… what we do know is that we only buy what we need and are more into experiences than things these days! We’re teaching the kids that too! But when you add up food, gas , rig payment, food shopping (I buy all organic), kids school app, camping fees, entertainment (oh boy), miscellaneous, toiletries (TP runs out so fast it’s nuts!!), dish network (gotta watch that football!!), Verizon and other hot spots and internet we need to work… I know I’m forgetting stuff but you get the point.

Good news is we are also saving more money for college, house fund, IRA’s and an account we call our FFA – financial freedom account.

But I digress… the night ended pulling into Disney’s Ft Wildnerness Campground and making a run for the hot tub while it was still open for the next 20 minutes!!

It’s never too little time to soak in hot tub after a loooong day!!

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