Day 213- Tarpon Feeding + Go Chiefs!

It was that kinda day!! Chiefs won and we got to watch the big game on our outdoor TV with friends. It was really a great time.

Luke got all dressed for the occasion of course- down to his Mahomes socks thanks to his dear friend Daniel!

Earlier that day we went over to Robbies and we fed the Tarpon fish!!

I’d be lying if I said it was fun! The kids pretty much agreed. Joe on the other hand has a BLAST!!! He went right up to the water and laid down and let the fish come up and eat the dead fish from his hand!!

Those pesky little pelicans know where easy food is to be had and they will literally attack you to get their hands on the fish in your bucket. And they are not afraid of us!!

Hence the kids and I really didn’t enjoy jumping and making loud noises to avoid getting bit 😀

Love and learn!!

The rest of the day however was super fun hanging with our friends the Royal’s. They have 4 great kids and were a huge part of the push for us to hit the road! We met 6 years ago and she’s been telling me of her adventure ever since.

The night ended with a Chiefs win and Joe and I getting the rig prepared to leave at 6am so we could get Faith over to the mechanic by noon!! Otherwise they weren’t sure they could change the oil and fix the alignment in one day.


Fingers crossed that goes well. Stay tuned till tomorrow for how that went!

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