Day 211- Friday in the Keys!

Friday was a super chillaxed day for all of us.

Kids played with their friends. We hit the hot tub and pool first thing in the morning to enjoy the warm weather and start the day on a high note!

I worked a bit and Joe got our taxes down. While it might look glamorous on the outside the truth is we still need to live and food shop and pay taxes 😀 so that happened yesterday.

Joe finished up biz in the afternoon while I hit the beach and read a little and worked on this new program I bought to help me communicate more effectively with my newsletter community.

When I see pics like this I’m reminded just how much we’re living the life right now!

The Parrish family was leaving Saturday so we decided to have dinner together. While Nikki was out running errands she picked up some organic frozen pizzas from Amy’s. We love that brand!! They also bought ribeyes. Nikki brought over homemade coleslaw and salmon salad ( of course!!) and I made asparagus and had cut up fresh veggies.

We always have the best time with them. And what we’ve noticed with people on the road is that they are all so accommodating and easy going and go with the flow. Not much ruffles their feathers. I think it comes with the territory! If you’re going to leave all that you own and live on the road – moving often- you’ve got to be flexible.

I simply LOVE the attitude. Even when we buy our next house Joe and I agreed to keep the go with the flow attitude.

We made it movie night as well and then all called it an evening.

The night before moving can be exhausting so we’ve all learned to go to bed early to be prepared for the work ahead!

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