Day 210- Solar panels complete

Is Joe incredible or what?! He single handedly complete the solar project through online research and talking with other RV friends!

We will now have 1000 watts of power when we boon-dock our west and for sure in years to come when we continue to travel the country in “Faith”.

If we didn’t mention it yet we’re going to keep her and travel on breaks or for sure rent her out the months we don’t need her and help someone else have a good time while we pay off the mtge! Brilliant.

Thursday was a chill low key day!

Caitlin asked me to go watch the sunrise at around 7:08 am. We did that together and hung out my the pier spending some quality time just talking.

We’re working on spending some quality time with each one of the kids as often as possible. What’s nice is they ask and I’m refusing to say I’m too busy! I can always work more later.

By 8am all 3 kids plus Joe and our Alaskan friends were in the hot tub. It was hysterical. I went for a bike ride and ended up in there too! Next up we hit the pool and I had to take off for a 9:30 coaching call with my girls getting certified in the Sugar Freedom Method. Exciting times are ahead!!

The kids do a great job helping eachother with their school work. Luke helps Caitlin with her flash cards and Cate helps Sydney. We all agreed learning to read, write properly and know how to add and subtract and multiply are mandatory skills to live a successful life so we focus a lot of our energy there!

The day was kinda awesome If I say so myself. We all hit the pool after lunch when my calls were complete and Joe stayed back to work on solar panel finalization. God bless him. Seriously.

We got back around 6pm and have to admit Joe and I must have been exhausted from snorkeling the day before and today’s work because we were a little on edge with eachother. We not typically snappy on this particular night we were. So glad that rarely happens!!

Kids did some iPad play while I cooked and Joe graciously cleaned up the dishes from the earlier meals.

Luke won a kindle fire in a campground’s game room last Fall and it finally arrived. He set it up and it allowed Sydney to watch one of her favorite movies before bed last night while In her bed. Total score!!

Joe and I were so tired that by 9pm we hit bed and didn’t get back up.

It was one of those nights!

2 thoughts on “Day 210- Solar panels complete

  1. Valerie, Daniel’s mom, here.
    Fantastic job on those solar panels — Joe is family/handyman of the year! You are both doing such a super job realizing your dream. I am very impressed. Sounds like you’ve made a perfect and really flexible plan for your future travels west. Wishing you all the best of times! ❤️


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