Day 209- Snorkeling!

This was our day on Wednesday!! I think pics will capture the fun we all had taking a boat ride to Loo Key, FL.

It was a first for everyone including our friends from Alaska except for Joe and I. I was thinking the last time we snorkeled was on our honeymoon in Aruba back in August 2002!

The kids on the way back from snorkeling for 3 hrs.

The kids were so brave to jump in the water from the boat with snorkeling gear on and just do it! Caitlin was a little hesitant at first and asked for a swim noodle to help keep her afloat at first but then that was it she was in and having a blast!

The staff at Loo Key dive shop we the best. So passionate and caring and helpful!!

We had an underwear camera and let the kids take a bunch of pics that way too! We then gave them a lesson on how you used to develop film back in the day! 😀

Take film and mail to Kodak. Hope you didn’t expose the film to too much light otherwise they were ruined. Wait 2-3 weeks and get pics back!!! Oh how times have changed.

We ended the long day by heading out to dinner at a place called the square grouper. It was THE BEST food we’ve eaten in a while. It was beautifully prepared fish and even the steak was out of this world. Kids ordered root beer floats and almost everyone else ordered cheesecake for dessert- to die for!! I had to have a few nibbles.

Bunch of goofballs that Parrish family is!

Since we were an hour from Fiesta Key after dinner we knew we’d pass a grocery store or 2 so we hit one up quick to pick up some essentials. Kids are into this Icelandic yogurt right now called Siggis so I’m just going with it. Makes breakfast kinda easy with some homemade granola to top it off.

Needless to say when we got home 9:45 pm I was a little cranky. We quickly put groceries away while Joe empties out the car and we all went to bed!

It was truly a lovely day and one that made this trip feel like a vacation more than just another day in the RV.

2 thoughts on “Day 209- Snorkeling!

  1. Here’s one of those “fix this and then feel free to delete my comment” moments. 🙂 You meant to type “underwater” not “underwear” in this line: We had an underwear camera and let the kids take a bunch of pics that way too!


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