Day 208- Sunrise in the Keys!

This morning was more lovely than a picture could ever show!

Joe and I woke up early to watch the sunrise. It was so beautiful and peaceful more than I could ever describe. We promised we’d do it again tomorrow!

We saw baby lobster and the littlest crab crawling along the rock. You get to see so much first thing in the morning when the weather is super calm!

After I took a quick coaching call Luke asked to jump in the hot tub. He always wanted to do that- so we did! We then hit the pool before heading home. Joe came and joined us which was a nice surprise!

I then decided to spend time with the girls before jumping on a 12noon coaching call.

We had a blast biking around the campground and looking at fish in the ocean. It was still early enough than you could see so many fish!

Tomorrow we are snorkeling with friends which is going to make for an exciting day!

Here’s everyone at the pool having a good time.

The night needed with us all deciding to go to dinner at the Lobster crawl featured in the picture above to the right. It’s the large tiki hut!

Joe and I are so grateful our campsite is just a 1 minute walk away. We are blessed everywhere we go!

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