Day 207- Monday in the Keys

Monday is the day Joe put the remaining solar panels on the RV

Joe spent the whole day wiring everything up. It was incredible to witness.

The kids literally played ALL day. It’s so much fun being a kid in the keys with friends a quick bike ride away!

School work gets done first thing in the morning and then they basically have the day to themselves with lunch and dinner sprinkled in between the playtime.

It’s good to be an Edden child!

Compared to last week it’s been so much less windy and the water has been super clear which makes it fun to peer over the side of the stone wall they built at Fiesta Key and see the fish! The girls actually saw an octopus one afternoon which was extra special.

We decided towards the end of the day to skip the original plans to feed the Tarpon at a local dock where you pay to literally feed the fish! Our friends were tired and Joe was literally best from working all day so we did what anyone would do who was hanging in the Keys… you’d hit the pool…again!

I ended up being super tired after working a good part of the day and cooking so I went to bed early. We asked the kids to do the same so that they were well rested for Tuesday’s hang out.

It’s exhausting having fun! 🙂

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