Day 206- Sunday Funday and Holy Solar Panels!

Sunday was the Pro Bowl so you know Luke stayed home and watched the game! He’s one committed kid.

Joe spent the day really getting those solar panels ready to go for when we head out west. This is his handy work. Absolutely incredible what one man on a mission can accomplish!

We will now have 1000 watts when we boondock. Very exciting!

The weather warmed back up and it’s been less windy in the keys so we’ve been spending more time by the pool which is awesome. It’s a salt water pool and is absolutely lovely! And the hot tub isn’t all that shabby!

It was lovely to have a slower day knowing Monday was coming and the pace picks up a bit- well at least for me with work and coaching!

Our friends leave next Saturday morning so this was our last full weekend together and they kids took full advantage of it!

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