Day 204- Blogger Luke is here

Yes I’m back! But only for a couple days because we have a new method! Every 3 days or so my dad, my mom and I switch out writing and This is my first of the 3 days. As usual I’m going to write about yesterday, it just makes it easier for me so I can pick whenever I want to write. If I wrote about the same day I would have to write at night, every night. Now all about yesterday!

I think my mom or dad has already told everyone but we are at Fiesta Key also known as Long Key. We are here with are friends we met in Orlando a couple months ago. We met them at a campground in Orlando and I got along really well with him so my mom met his mom and they got along really well too, so we follow each other around now! This is the fourth time we have met them at a campground and we always have a good time!

Yesterday we didn’t do too much but we had some fun at the campground! To be honest I have no idea what we did yesterday but I will recap all that I remember.

Yesterday morning at around 10:00am we all went to the playground for about an hour and a half until we all started sweating and went home.

My mom came and played tag with us a little. At around 12:30pm we went to pool and hot tub with our friends. Caitlins was making like pizza on Bread and dropped the sauce and it broke as my dad came back from the store so it was a glass and sauce mess for about half an hour!

When we came back to the RV we all rested for a little till about 4:00pm when my parents and my friend Riley’s parents went to the restaurant at the RV park and talked. We went to the playground later on and played some night tag.

After that we met all the parents at the restaurant and brought home some pizza and had a mini kids party!

After that it was around 8:15 so we went back to the playground and after that we went to bed it got late!

Tomorrow I will right again so come back for another adventure, today we are at the beach!

Mom here! Had to add that while at happy hour with Nikki and Josh, Joe got asked to play the ukulele on stage. He had a blast!

One thought on “Day 204- Blogger Luke is here

  1. You guys are the coolest friends I’ve ever had, it’s cool that, we all get along so long. Thanks for being my friends. I also love to read your blog so keep writing.


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