Day 202- 45 degree morning!

Wednesday we woke up and it was cold in the Keys!! 45 degrees cold.

As the day progressed it warmed up to almost 70. Welcome to Florida.

Our new batteries arrived today for the solar project.

Jenn worked in the morning while the kids played with their friends Riley and Liam. It was a calm morning.

I took the morning to figure out where I was going to fit the batteries in the rig.

We all had lunch together as a family and Jenn went down to the beach to read a book.

I drove to Marathon Key- about 30min south- to pick up the lumber to build the battery shelf.

While I was there I did Jenn a solid and went food shopping!

I came back to Jenn and Luke taking a dip in the pool which was no longer heated from all the cold mornings we’ve been having. It had to be 60 degrees in there but they went in anyway.

The night was a bit chilly and windy so we ended up ordering pizza in and had our friend’s kids over for dinner.

It was a chill night. I was looking forward to Thursday since I knew it was solar panel day!

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