Day 201- Hurricane? No, just a breeze in Keys

Yesterday was Martin Luther King day and I took the time to share the story of Martin Luther King with my kids. Homeschooling is a constant while we travel. “I have a dream that one day my kids will be excited to do their school work!”

Today we woke up to 58 degrees in our rig. Brrrr. We were not expecting it to be so cold after the string of hot days we just had in Marco Island. Turned on the heat and some coffee to get the day off to a good start. The kids were slow to get outside today as expected and Sydney came back home for a warmer coat after about 15 minutes. Surprise, it’s chilly. Lol.

I went up on the roof of the RV today to check on the pre-wired solar that came with my rig and found out that the wire gauge was too small to handle 10 solar panels so, I had to order some heavy gauge wire and figure out how to rewire it to the battery compartment. As I said yesterday, this is going to be exciting.

It warmed up to about 70 degrees and then the wind started blowing. By 5pm the wind was gusting at 40 knots and the entire rig was moving. It was so windy we decided to skip our daily trip to the pool/hot tub.

The horrors…

After the sunset (which was awesome) the temperature dropped fast and the wind outside was intense. It kept us up for quite a while and several kids ended up in our bed as it howled outside. I’m not naming names but, they know who they are.

As the kids passed out, I put them back in their beds and finally got to sleep myself around 11pm. Our table cloth got shreaded by the gusting winds and had to be pulled off the picnic table last night. It was strapped down tight but, wasn’t good enough to compete with 40-50 knot winds.

Another one bites the dust… but not before we fit in a game of charades and pizza with the neighbors! So much fun to be had

One thought on “Day 201- Hurricane? No, just a breeze in Keys

  1. Hello to all of you, Edens and more!
    This is Leo from pinewoods. It’s been amazing to hear about your RV experience over these seven months!
    I am really hoping to hear some more about your trip, and if the kids will be able to attend camp this summer.
    Hoping to see you all soon.



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