Day 200- New Guest blogger is here!! Monday in the keys

Joe decided to take over the blog and write from his perspective for a few days. Should be fun!! Luke said it feels like a lot to write everyday so we all said we’d share the load!

Hello all. Joe here. We made it to Long Key yesterday afternoon and today is our first full day in the keys. We all love the keys and the warmer weather.

Today is my day to add my own thoughts to our blog. I thought I would take this opportunity to share a little about the other side of our journey. REPAIRS!

Many people ask me how our rig is holding up, almost 7 months into the trip. Well, I have replaced door handles, reinforced the bunk bed doors, dealt with power overloads, replaced a few fuses, rewired the towing harness 3 times, removed and repaired the Jeep radio, installed drawer magnets and replaced a bunch of drawer clips that broke.

It’s just like owning a house. Everything breaks all the time. I’ve actually had conversations with my kids about being gentle on things so that they can see more of their Dad. LOL….

This week I am replacing a hydraulic foot that bent up like a V when we put it down on some soft soil. I had my dealership send me a new foot and I have to swap the bent foot for a new one. I found out that I don’t have the right tool in my tool box for this job and need to drive 30 minutes to the Marathon Key – Home Depot for supplies.

Maybe tomorrow….

I’m also working on adding a solar system to our rig that provides solar power for everything we need. We are heading West in less than a month and we want to be able to camp anywhere while enjoying all the comforts of home without campground power.

I’m installing 1000 watts of solar power on the roof and its turning into an exciting project.

We met our friends (the Parish family) here at Fiesta Key RV Resort and my kids love playing with their kids. The girls left with them to go to Sombrero Beach (about 30 minutes away) while Jenn and I get some work done for our businesses.

All in all it’s another great day on the road. I love traveling to resort destinations and taking it all in. It’s a constant challenge to continue working in such a beautiful place.

Ahh the struggles.

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