Day 199- Florida Keys we’re coming for you!

Today was a travel day! It went smoother that usual. We took route 41 straight across Florida through Big Cypress National Refuge. It is part of the Everglades so there were air boat rides everywhere and tons of marsh. It was very cool to see.

It was a 4 hr trip so we arrived in Fiesta Key around 3pm just in time to watch the Chiefs play the Titans. It was a great game.

The Titans just aren’t a match for Patrick Mahomes. He has the most rushing yards in the game and he’s the quarterback!! But I digress. Clearly Luke’s passion for football stats is rubbing off on all of us.

It’s so nice being here in the Keys again!

Joe managed to get us one of the most beautiful sites with a view in the park again. He did it in Sunshine Key and again here. We’re all starting to wonder what kind of magic powers he has.

We all agreed its the power of being nice when you’re on the phone making reservations! We are Thousand Trails members and so we only pay $20/night and typically you get a standard site. But when Joe called to try and add on days to our trip they said our rig was too big for the current site so they had to move us to a bigger site.

When we arrived our site was double the size of almost everyone else’s! The girls and Luke and I just smile. Joe is magic.

This is our view out our front window!

We got to meet back up with our friends from Alaska again- Nikki, Josh, Riley and Liam!

Joe and I are really appreciating what we’ve created in our lives these past 6.5months. It took lot of planning and faith and it’s still not smooth sailing everyday now that we’re on the road.

We deal with the kids moods, getting along in a tight space, homeschooling, making sure the girls learn their addition, subtraction and multiplication table. We all agreed that is the most important skill for math they need to learn this year. Math gets used for every day life! The girls agreed so we all do flash cards every day now.

What’s great about this park is that there are a lot of kids! As soon as we got to the park the kids went out and played and Luke watched the 2nd quarter of the football game.

At halftime we hit the pool. It’s gorgeous with a view that’s surreal.

I hit up the kitchen and cooked for about 2.5 hrs to pack the frig with healthy eats. I food shopped before we left Sunday so I decided to cook everything I could think of! Black bean soup, banana bread, chicken, Turkey meatballs, broccoli, huge salad and mashed potatoes!! Whooohooo that felt good when I was done!

The night ended with us watching the Packers game while the girls played at the playground till about 9pm.

It was a loooong day and we were all glad to go to bed by 10pm. We’re here 14 days so stay tuned for what we’re up to. Joe informed me we’ve got 300lbs of batteries being delivered to the keys so he can install solar panels this week!!!

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