Day 198 Marco Island one last time

Today is our last full day in Naples. We decided to head to the beach for a little bit and enjoy the sun.

The weather in Naples compared to Orlando is night and day. It’s warm all day and night and no need for full blown baskets at 6pm.

Joe and I are really enjoying the warmth in the middle of the winter. This is all new for us as we’re New Yorkers through and through!

By end of day we did our usual pool time! It’s so fun. Seriously. And we decided to upgrade our gear and get the kids fins!

Saturday just kinda flowed. We were all happy about that. Our days aren’t always that smooth. Let’s be honest. We live in 42 for of space. But when the calm days come we always appreciate them even more!!

Our day ended with some chipotle – man that place is delish- and watched a Disney movie.

It’s good times around here!

Aaaand for those who have been following our blog writing switcheroo that took place over 2 months ago when Luke took a much needed break after about 4 months of writing … stay tuned we’re doing it again!!

Guest writer #3 is on the way!!

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