Day 197- RV life is good!

Friday we had plans to hit the beach. When we woke up the kids just weren’t into it.

I’m finding that we go with the flow a lot these days. Best laid plans… it also was a bit cloudy on and off so I figured why not just hangout.

Joe’s been working on those solar panels for the roof of the RV and ended up giving the kids a math lesson on solar power amp hours versus watts. It was pretty cool. He was talking about how to convert solar power into 110 volt energy and how much we’d need to power our frig when we’re off grid with no electricity going to the rig. Luke followed along of course!

We’re learning that our days are most enjoyable when we go with the flow and don’t push it too hard. After all this is our life, not a vacation where we’re looking to see all the sites and fit everything in!!

The day ended with some pool and hot tub time and we decided to watch movies again!! It’s just too fun and why not.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. It’s always an adventure no matter what we do!

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