Day 196 More Naples Exploration! Thursday we loved you.

Thursday was more fun and chilling. We find the day after the beach we want to slow it down. We also had plans to hit the beach Friday so figured why not just stay home.

We do that a lot more than I would have thought but we’re all ok with that. I suspect when we head out west we will be outdoors WAY more than we are now!

We hit the pool Thursday and hot tub. Joes been looking for solar panels for our rig so we can go off the radar and boon-dock out west so he spent a considerable amt of time on that. I take office hours for the Sugar Freedom Method on Thursday’s so it’s typically a busy morning!

The kids really are good at entertaining themselves without iPads when we’re working. Their morning routine works nicely and Luke makes xtra money other than doing chores by teaching his sisters math using their flash cards. It’s a win win win!

The night ended a run to Chipotle for some yummy Burritos. They really are one of the best and healthiest fast food places we eat at. Actually it’s the only place now that I think of it :-D. I’m not a fan of outside food. It’s never as healthy as what I make!

So we ate our yummy dinner and watched a movie and went to bed. The day I’m just kinda flowed. I loved it!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings with only 2 full days left before we head back to the Keys!!

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