Day 195- More Marco Island Fun!

Today was awesome! Joe and I worked in the morning again and then made lunch and headed out to Marco Island.

We’re getting into a good morning routine.

Joe makes breakfast. I typically meditate, journal, do a few affirmations and some yoga. Then I take calls while the kids do school work. Joe does some work, cleans up the kitchen and we get ready for lunch.

I work on making a point for everyone to leave the rig in the morning to get fresh air. Sometimes we don’t leave till noon. Time just flies…

We stayed at the beach till the sun went down again. That was super fun. Luke decided not to come. He didn’t get a good nights sleep and he was happy to just rest!

It was a silly fun day and we were all glad to have spent it at the beach. The sand is so white and soft and the water is so blue.

We also met an awesome couple Felicia and Brian. They live in Vegas and we agreed we’d come visit them when we get there in March!

I was feeling so blessed to be able to spend a week in such a beautiful place. I look forward to what the rest of the week brings!!

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