Day 194- Chill day in Naples

Tuesday was a super chill day. Joe has so much work he had to get done and I taught in the morning and then literally recorded a new webinar for work and filmed 3 videos. I was pretty impressed with myself!

The kids did a great job of occupying the time. They did school work and then we allowed some iPad time which is rare in the morning. We typically only use iPads for school work and then 1 hr at night. They know they’re not good for their developing brains and go along with idea of less is more!

Sydney asked for some alone time so we rode bikes around the campground! That was fun. Joe and Caitlin then joined us and we found this dock where boats launch. That was fun to find. The only issue I have are these little bugs called noseeums! Literally you don’t see them and they were biting me so I went home!

That night we did a campfire with some s’mores and hit the hot tub and pool.

It’s becoming a regular occurrence and we all kinda like it!!

Tomorrow we all agreed to go back to Marco Island which is only 20 minutes from our KOA which is awesome!

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