Day 193 Naples we’re here!! Hello Marco Island

I got a reminder this past week from our blog hosting company that I’ve been writing for 50 days! Just like that 50 days have passed. Pretty cool stuff and I have to say time has flown. That’s almost 2 months I’ve been documenting our trip.

I’m hoping Luke takes back his blog when we hit out west in March! We shall see…

Today Joe and I worked in the morning while the kids rode bikes and hung out at the KOA.

In the afternoon we went to Marco Island! We love this island. The last time we were here was 3 years ago with the Iandoli’s- dear friends of ours!!

We got to watch the sunset which was an awesome surprise since we didn’t expect to stay at the beach that late! That never gets old.

And while we were at the beach for 4 hours Luke made up some fun sand game. I was undefeated right up until Luke beat me in our last game!!

After the sunset we decided to pack it in and head home. We were all hungry and also wanted to be sure we made time for the pool and hot tub. They are open 24 hrs and we wanted to take full advantage of that!!

Day 1 in Naples turned out to be the best day!

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