Day 192 Move day to Naples!

It’s always a long day when we move. Yesterday was no different.

It was a 4 hr drive from Orlando to Naples. Friends of ours we met on the road ended up seeing us at our campsite right before we left. That’s always a nice surprise when you’re on the road!

Katie and Chris were walking by our site while walking their dog and were checking out our jeep tires. You can’t make that up! They have a jeep so they’re thinking about modifications. Gotta love Jeep Wrangler owners! She said she recognized our jeep and what so excited!

It ends up they were JUST in Naples. So fun. She said there are so many beautiful homes she was considering buying one! Naples was the one place in FL other than Jacksonville where we really liked. We said we’ll check out the homes she looked at because you ever know!

What’s fun out RVing is you can literally stop almost anywhere because your home is always with you! We were all hungry by 2pm and had another hour to go so Joe pulled over on an exit ramp divider and started up the generator. Lunch was made in under 10min. Ahhhh. Luke had soup I warmed up. Sydney had pizza from Yesterday. Joe had a sandwich and Caitlin had rice and beans with butter. I rounded out the meal with a salad and a left over Turkey burger and just like that we were done!

We arrived in the Naples RV park and decided to just chill and watch the NFL game that was on. Luke’s teams he loves were playing in the playoffs today – Chiefs with quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Greenbay Packers with Aaron Rodgers.

Joe and I ran out quick to do some food shopping and took Sydney. We hadn’t shopped in about 1 week and the frig reflected it. Coolest thing is that our frig is residential size so when we pack it in we can go for days and days and days. Love that!!

The night ended with both of Luke’s teams winning and Joe and I took a dip in the hot tub and pool at about 10pm. That’s the cool thing about being on the road. Life takes on new meaning and new rules.

Tomorrow we’re back to our Monday morning routine of school work in the morning while mom and dad work and then we’re going to hit up Marco Island.


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