Day 191 Date Day At Disney

Saturday was a magical day and not because Joe and I went on an 11 hour date to Disney!

We decided to spend time together alone because it had been too long since we did that. It was also his mom’s 82nd birthday so we got to sing to her from the park!

What’s cool is that the park we are staying at is very tight amongst Fulltime RV’ers so Joe asked around and found out an 18yr old girl is arriving Friday and she sat for other families before. Her name is Reese and she is great!

So the girls got to play in the B loop again and since it was Saturday and there were championship games on Luke was pretty content!

Joe and I agreed we needed more days like this. We had so much fun waiting on line- imagine!!- in Frontierland for Big Thunder Mountain. You can’t really wait with kids for 50+ minutes but when you’re alone … skies the limit!!

We then had lunch and decided to park hop and hit up Epcot for the 2 fast pass rides we had scheduled for early afternoon.

We honestly felt like kids again!

We even got to take in a last minute show in “China” when we were walking from country to country in Epcot. It’s absolutely incredible the talent of these Disney performers!

The night ended with us having dinner in Mexico- we love Mexican food!!- and heading on out to get home to the kids. We left them over 10 hours and we’re feeling pretty content with our day.

Tomorrow we is a move day to Naples, FL so we know it’s going to be a long day!

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