Day 190- golf and hanging out

Friday was a golf day for the boys with Craig and his son, Cannon! They had an absolute blast. Joe and Craig tied with a 92 and Luke was not far behind with a 95! God bless that kid. Cannon came along to hand with Luke even though he’s not a golfer… yet.

The girls and I hung out at the campground. That B loop is gold for the girls. They love the friends they’ve made and spend all day long just playing.

Today when Caitlin and I were talking she said she feels like she learns more from playing outside than she does from her home school work. She’s a pretty smart kid that one!

I worked a good portion of the day getting my new webinar ready for the sales team I’ve hired. Got to admit I’m a little giddy to have a team help me grow the Sugar Freedom Movement.

But I digress!

When the boys got home we all decided to hit the hot tub and spend time with a Bryanna and her family since they were leaving on Saturday.

It’s incredible how quick the days fly by when you stay in 1 campground for over a week.

We’re all ready to hit Naples on Sunday and check out a new part of Florida!!

Tomorrow we decided to get a local gal to watch the kids so we can have a date day at Disney. That’s going to be a lot of fun!’

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