Day 189- B loop hangout + Firepit fun

Thursday was another chill day!

We all know once we leave FL our days are going to change big time! We’ll be exploring big time.

Today we had another chill day. I worked in the morning with my soon to be certified coaches in the Sugar Freedom Method. That’s a very cool new happening in my biz! Women are going to spread my message by teaching the Method to others after they’re certified by me! Very exciting.

Joe worked on ideas to get solar panels on the roof of our RV. We have a few now but Joe figured out they’re not working for some reason and we don’t have enough of them to keep our frig cold when we go off grid for a while out west. Joes always planning ahead. He’s great like that.

The night ended with us all hanging around a fire pit at my friends campsite. We are meeting the nicest most genuine people on the road. I’m starting to appreciate that super people friendly, genuine and charismatic people hit the road 😀

It’s good times!

Right before bed Luke asked to play another game with me and Joe. I was exhausted but said yes since that seems to be our quality alone time together unless you count the 20 minutes we played tennis today on a pickleball court!

Yep. They don’t have tennis courts but we love tennis so we practiced our “net”game. It was good times!!

Tomorrow Joe and Luke are golfing with Craig and Cannon ( Bryanna’s husband and son) so I’m looking forward to hanging with the girls!

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