Day 188- more B loop fun

Wednesday we all decided as a family that we wouldn’t hit up Disney in the afternoon so we could just have fun around the campground.

The girls love their friends in B loop. They all play Pokémon, dig holes in the dirt, play games on the giant lawn and make rubber bracelets my girls taught them how to make!

Luke and I have been making time for pool everyday which has been super fun. They have an awesome pool table in the reg center. We did that again Wednesday afternoon and then jumped in the pool.

It was an early night as we all have been feeling super tired. We’re thinking even though it’s warmer than NY in Florida we’re still going into hibernation mode!

That night the girls went to bed and Luke and I stayed up to play a card game. We had a great time!

Oh and before I forget we also reassessed school work and how much work we get done everyday so that the kids can be up to grade level next year. Funny thing is after being in the Montessori school last year they all are ahead of the Acellus app we bought that teaches them their “grade level”. It sort of feels like a joke but they agreed they’re learning and relearning and strengthening their math skills so that’s a good thing. Sydney is weaker in math so we’ve been doing flash cards to bring her up to speed.

At the end of the day so long as the kids are using their minds and enjoying their days I’m good to go! They will be fine going back into a traditional school next year if that’s what we choose!

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