Day 187- We return to Disney!

I think it’s safe to assume that we’ve all had enough of Disney at this point with the exception of a few rides.

Oh and Joe can keep going because he hasn’t rode enough roller coasters yet. I get it. The kids aren’t fans so it makes it hard for us to go!

With that said the kids played outside with friends exchanging Pokémon cards for hours while I worked and then hit the pool table with Luke.

He’s getting much better the more we play. He beat me twice.

We decided late afternoon to hit up Disney’s animal kingdom for their Lion King Show! It was spectacular.

We then hit up Pandora’s world.

Had to share that FB gave me this reminder on my feed from 1 year ago. It’s amazing how quick time flies as how much changes in 1 year! Here we are at the RV sales shop in Connecticut. I remember it was a cold rainy day but we said we needed to go and see our future home!

And on that rainy day we did just that! And Faith was ours 6 months later!!

Till tomorrow when we share how are days are going in Orlando and how we fill our time!!

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